Our studios

Okoni is brimming with talents and technical expertise, organized into 4 studios.

We believe that change, growth, and well-being, stem from creation and innovation.


Imagine, design, and develop experiences and technologies

Because a technology is always integrated into a human environment—it brings onboard business processes, locations, spaces, skills—we create collaborative technologies. Technologies that augment humans’ abilities rather than taking their place. Technologies to work with humans rather than “instead of” or “for” them. That’s why our processes for designing artificial intelligence systems, robotic systems, connected objects, or applications always bring future users on board. As such, our digital studio has designed approaches and development tools to involve non-experts: hackathons, IA for all, Wirebox, etc.


Charles Froment

06 03 02 27 71 - cfroment@okoni.fr

Social sciences

Explore regions, value chains, and intimacy. One after the other, we observe reality, become married to it, live it, provoke it, map it, share it.

Because without human beings there would be no purpose to our projects, our studio is dedicated to deciphering their day-to-day lives, aspirations. Its purpose is twofold: to capture and describe the various social realities that we encounter, then work on mediatizing them in order to make the collected data accessible to all through subjective mapping, and audio and video content. The studio is a clever mix of sociologists, ethnologists, graphic designers and consultants always on the lookout for new tools to best convey the fields we explore. We carry cameras, microphones, dictaphones, field notebooks, exploration tables, and much more.

>  see the social sciences studio book


Léa Ahmed

06 35 21 42 01 - lahmed@okoni.fr


Transform ideas into tangible experiences

Here, we give form and function to all our ideas. Our constantly evolving manufacturing facility provides our operations with outstanding capacities to get things done. Its purpose is twofold: to build the tools and scenography used in Okoni’s co-design workshops, and to prototype the products designed by Okoni so that they can be tested in real-life conditions. The factory is a team of high-level prototype makers working with outstanding digital tools (laser cutter, 3-axis milling machine, 3D printers, UV printer, tracer),” a wood workshop, etc.

> see the manufacturing design studio book


Paul Kucoyanis

06 68 94 50 54 - pkucoyanis@okoni.fr

Graphic and didactic design

Show, transmit, and facilitate interactions between different parties and content.

We use graphic design as a didactic tool to visually convey points of view, analyses, ideas, and testimonials about the realities on the ground. Our goal: to include, share, and make people think by proposing a sensitive and critical reading of the world. The choice of an image is never trivial, it is guided by the meaning, the target audience, and the media through which it is received. Interaction for and with others is at the heart of our practices. There are all sorts of opportunities to call upon this studio: publishing, graphic charters, motion design, photographs, mediation, illustrations, didactic exhibits, etc. Its cross-disciplinary nature allows it to evolve in parallel with the other studios. To that end, we have a complete print unit (press, tracer, plotting machine, electric cutter, silk-screen printing, etc.).

> see the graphic and didactic design studio book studio


Solène Voegel

06 66 66 86 09 - svoegel@okoni.fr