Our areas of expertise

Okoni is brimming with talents and technical know-how, centered on three areas of expertise

Ideation, experimentation, transformation; these three constitute our core strengths. We bring them to bear in each assignment entrusted to us, in the order and with the intensity appropriate to each job. We give little stock to preconceived knowledge, and even less to linear thinking.  Our missions are all about movement, hybridization, explosion.


Explore, observe, create, design, model

Explore life as it is on the ground: our social science studio practices ethnography as a creative art. For us, field work is not a source of problems. Rather, it brims with intelligence, imagination, desires, and dreams. For our ethnologists and designers, field work is where creativity breaks free!

Co-design: our designers are facilitators, popularizers, pedagogues of creation. They know how to create the methodological, social, and psychological conditions for collective design. At the Ma design office in Montreuil, the space is left empty to remind us every day that nothing gets done unaided.

Inspiration : Imagination is a critical muscle… But one that requires training and exercise. We have developed a yoga-like creative space that places inspiration at the core of every action. That includes design fiction that plunges the participants into a fictionalized environment to better shift their thinking, expose them to sources of inspiration, give them food for thought on a daily basis… We maintain a library of inspiring comics open to all those who come to see us, and we move it around regularly…

Bibliography: Before us, there were researchers, creators, writers… Each project starts by putting together a bibliography listing scientific publications, books, prospective works. That first step allows us to focus our efforts on the areas that tend to draw less attention.

Living Lab: An experiment within our space where we can mimic life on the ground as closely as possible, at the pace and in the places where it occurs.

Some of our accomplishments:


Build, prototype, test, analyze, iterate

Immense challenges call for unprecedented actions. Business leaders must make decisions in a radically unfamiliar situation, sometimes in the face of paralyzing risks. As an expert in experimentation, Okoni hones knowledge in the most complex fields (health, public action, climate). Therein we find the audacity to make progress through positive disruption.

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Our high-definition prototyping capabilities: To generate knowledge, one must poke into reality. We do so by constructing physical or digital prototypes. Once immersed in their contexts and confronted with their applications, these are immediately eye-opening.

An experimental economics laboratory—the only one of its kind in France: we opt for the scientific approach. We apply experimental protocols of economics to reveal the preferences of those involved, get to the bottom of irrational behavior, and confirm the most complex behavioral hypotheses.


Transform, assist, change, expand the frontiers, evolve

We see the creative process as a transformative experience, arguably the most effective one of all, and the one with the capacity to change an entire system and motivate people to their core.

Our team brings together designers and experienced transformation consultants.

Vibes is our approach to transformation. It is a great adventure that combines creation, learning, socio-dynamics, and strategic work.

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