Reinventing the city/family relationship

Angers Métropole x okoni

Reinventing the city/family relationship

The City of Angers wishes to improve relations between early childhood services and families. 

Okoni assisted the city’s organizational consulting team with a learning experience. The Early Childhood Department wishes to improve its family services. This challenge presents the perfect opportunity for the Organizing Council team to learn from the field. As such, the project is being conducted as a training initiative. Okoni assists the advisors through every step of a public innovation project: from exploration to experimentation to the organization of workshops with families and professionals. All the points of contact between the community and families have been re-examined.


A team of six organizational consultants trained in facilitating innovation processes is now active at the heart of the community. All the points of contact between the family services and families have been reinvented: correspondence, reception rooms, information meetings, explanatory documents, etc.