Okoni is the agency that returns the power to take action to citizens, elected officials, agents, patients, those on the margins, employees, and consumers to build a more inclusive, more sustainable, more democratic world.


Faced with disengagement in cities, in the workplace, faced with collective anxiety, faced with the inertia of institutional discourse, we believe that the power to take action is the only way to get people engaged again.

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The Okoni Academy

After our living labs, it was time for RIVP to analyze and come up with ways to "Live Together Better".

Design fiction, a way of thinking about the future to better grasp the present. A project with the CNFPT.

Living Lab: RIVP and Okoni will go into three residences to discuss ways to "Live Together Better".

New at Okoni with the creation of a Fragility Center!

The theme of our last laboratory in Mayotte: "How can we keep the elderly from being isolated?"

Douha, who launched her Syrian catering business in the Ma, releases her autobiography!