Okoni is an innovation design agency for those who wish to build an inclusive, sustainable, and democratic society.


We work in three areas: health and social protection, citizenship and public policy, and the ecological transformation.


About Okoni 


Nos actus

Last weekend at our MA studio, we hosted the association Avenir Climatique for its “Academy” program

Right now, our machines are running at full speed to create seven educational modules!

We are hard at work at the Ma studio creating an inspiring library, and our eyes linger on the magnificent Biohardcore Civility Manual.

Always a pleasure to work with the teams from bioMérieux! Tick tock, tick tock, the posters are coming!

Discover “Taking care,” one of our three areas of research and action, with Maylis Faye

At Okoni, every project is part of an on-the-ground reality! Learn about our vision of the Living Lab in less than three minutes!

Delve into the Digital studio Book, its manifesto, and its productions!

Discover “Democracy and Citizenship,” one of our three areas of research and action, with Pierre Baudry

Even during lockdown, you can now access a superb virtual reality tour of our Ma studio!

Barbaricum, our new magazine is now available to order! Let’s reinvent democracy!

Drawing inspiration from fashion and social micro-trends to design a new experience centered on the Lacoste polo shirt!

“Fingerspelling,” a tool that uses Machine Learning to help parents and their children learn sign language.

At Okoni, we have set about creating an inspiring library with comics selected by us. We hope you will come and visit our premises to learn all about it, but in the meantime, we invite you to...

In Baulon, we staged the architecture of a new elementary school to better understand design issues such as light management.

To successfully conduct the ecological transformation, we need to get an overview of the habits of citizens, consumers, users, and their interactions and infrastructures.

At Okoni, more than ever, we are committed to the transformation of public policy in our regions!