The team

A team that is multi-talented and unbridled, ready to shake up the creative world!

Luce Aknin, designer
Brice Jehanno, founding partner
Jelena Orlovic, designer
Clémence Grimonpont, consultant
Pierre Baudry, co-founder

Pierre has worked as an economic advisor to a deputy mayor, a consultant specialized in professional training, and a HR manager at a L’Oréal factory. He is a graduate of Paris School of Political Science and draws many of his tools and convictions from the social sciences and theater. He created Okoni in 2013. He holds the conviction that we can only transform people and organizations by putting the power to create in their hands.

Warrior monk of innovation with a distinctly peasant-poet bent, Brice works to make the ecosystems entrusted to him come alive. Before co-founding Okoni in 2013, he studied at the Reims Management School, worked in finance at Ernst & Young, then PricewaterhouseCoopers, and did stints at local authorities (Montereau and Lourdes) and in consulting at IDRH.

Clémence Grimonpont

After a stint with large consulting firms, Clémence turned away from the dark side to join Okoni! She leads transformation and creation projects with determination, tenacity, and energy.

Experiment-based researchers

Okoni has a partnership with a team of experimental economics teachers/researchers based in Montpellier. The team is led by Rustam Romaniuc, a professor of economics at the Montpellier Business School. Our collaboration with researchers in experimental economics allows us to use scientific methods and tools in the context of the experiments we conduct with our clients.

Luce assists organizations through transformation by design, From surveys and ethnographic field studies to the design of services and user experiences. After training as both an engineer and a designer, she has practiced as a freelancer, worked at a design agency, worked within a research institute, and has been a designer in the MAIF innovation center. Her areas of focus are social innovation, healthcare, and education.

Thomas is a designer who puts social science and inspiration at the heart of his practice. He has had the chance to work with clients in the social action arena, such as the French Red Cross, the children’s social aid center in Angers, and the French overseas department of Mayotte. He holds a master’s degree in Tangible Interfaces from the Nantes Atlantique Design School and dual degrees from DESSIIN University.

After graduating from the French National School of Industrial Design (ENSCI), Jelena was first a chemist, then a city councilor, then an applied arts teacher. Today at Okoni, she generously pours her sensitivity and expertise into the heart of projects.

Pierre-Alexandre Cesbron

Pierre-Alexandre is responsible for prototyping at Okoni. A carpenter and cabinetmaker who trained at the Boulle College in Paris, he completed his design training at the French National School of Industrial Design (ENSCI). For Pierre-Alexandre, making things is at the heart of creation and paves the way to the most audacious experiments possible.

With an advanced technician’s certificate in graphic design from Sèvres, and an advanced diploma in applied arts (majoring in typography) from Estienne, Sabrina has continued to hone her skills in the world of advertising and crowdfunding. In Okoni, Sabrina assists teams with graphic design and with creating illustrations in a broad range of media.

Douha found her place in the kitchen of our Ma studio where she has incorporated the spices and colors of, her native Syria. She brings the Okoni workshop meals to life with her authentic and lovingly prepared dishes.

A qualified architect and pastry chef, not to mention a talented illustrator who later pivoted into design, Manuel is something of a one-man band! In Okoni, he works on projects relating to laying out spaces, consultation, urban planning, among many others.

Simon Brabant

Simon brings to bear his experience as a self-taught entrepreneur to help organizations develop their strategy.

Specialized in solidarity economics, he has directed training centers and cooperative companies.

Convinced of the need for lifelong learning and passionate about teaching, he knows how to design innovative training systems.