The team

A team that is multi-talented and unbridled, ready to shake up the creative world!

Luce Aknin, designer
Alexandre Licata, product designer
Léa Ahmed, ethnologist
Rémi Chardonnet, prototype maker
Pierre Baudry, co-founder
Marc-Antoine, associate
Brice Jehanno, co-founder

Pierre has worked as an economic advisor to a deputy mayor, a consultant specialized in professional training, and a HR manager at a L’Oréal factory. He is a graduate of Paris School of Political Science and draws many of his tools and convictions from the social sciences and theater. He created Okoni in 2013. He holds the conviction that we can only transform people and organizations by putting the power to create in their hands.

Warrior monk of innovation with a distinctly peasant-poet bent, Brice works to make the ecosystems entrusted to him come alive. Before co-founding Okoni in 2013, he studied at the Reims Management School, worked in finance at Ernst & Young, then PricewaterhouseCoopers, and did stints at local authorities (Montereau and Lourdes) and in consulting at IDRH.

Marc-Antoine Franc

Marc-Antoine looked at sustainable development and green business and saw in it an inexhaustible source of innovation. After working in the telecom/media industry, he spent ten years assisting companies and communities with energy transition projects, as well as ecological or societal transformations. At Okoni, he took a step closer to making and implementing breakthrough solutions to change the world.

For over 5 years, Maylis put together and led collaborative and creative initiatives involving patients and healthcare professionals.  The former director of a specialized communication agency, Maylis is an expert in the world of healthcare in general, and particularly in the area of rare and genetic diseases.

Luce assists organizations through transformation by design, From surveys and ethnographic field studies to the design of services and user experiences. After training as both an engineer and a designer, she has practiced as a freelancer, worked at a design agency, worked within a research institute, and has been a designer in the MAIF innovation center. Her areas of focus are social innovation, healthcare, and education.

Every day, Belinda seeks to empathetically understand and respond to the needs of individuals by conceptualizing innovative design solutions such as objects, services, and systems. In this way, being a Design Researcher allows her to be product designer, service designer, experience designer, and strategy designer all at the same time. Having trained in the field of communication and as an art director and designer, Belinda has two main areas of focus: healthcare and education.

Thomas is a specialist in user interface design, 3D design, and creating Internet-connected objects. Previously, Thomas worked with Google on material design. He has a master’s degree with a specialization in tangible interfaces from the Nantes Atlantique Design School.

Paul is in charge of designing and making prototypes. He can assist companies and manufacturers through all the stages of creating a product. He studied mechanical engineering and production engineering at the University Institute of Technology in Cachan, before going on to a design engineering school specializing in industrial design and ergonomics at the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology.

Our indomitable MacGyver. He is always up to date on issues relating to blueprint design and product realization. He is behind all our machines and made most of the furniture we use in our Ma studio.

Charles is a designer with a passion for digital technology, a true digital prototype builder. He can program anything! ​At Okoni, he develops applications, robots, and artificial intelligence systems! He also contributes his technical expertise in virtual reality to our projects.

After studying graphic design at the Estienne School of Arts and Graphic Industries and getting a national diploma in visual didactics at the HEAR school in Strasbourg, Solène formed a practice focused on edutainment and knowledge sharing. At Okoni, she assists the teams with graphic design and the creation and illustration of a wide range of materials.

With a master’s degree in Population and Development from the University of Paris Descartes, over the course of her experience in the field, Léa has developed, an informed and caring view of development issues in various regions of the world. Her multidisciplinary academic background has also allowed her to acquire eclectic ethnographic tools and methods. ​

Douha found her place in the kitchen of our Ma studio where she has incorporated the spices and colors of, her native Syria. She brings the Okoni workshop meals to life with her authentic and lovingly prepared dishes.

Alexandre Licata

Alexandre helps major corporations and start-ups alike to design their services and products. He explores and designs digital and physical experiences. He holds a Master’s degree in Design Innovation from the Arts & Métiers ParisTech engineering school.

Virgil combines creativity and ingenuity. A graduate engineer from Arts & Métiers ParisTech, he acquired valuable skills through a specialized master’s program in innovation and business development. He helps companies and inventors develop their ideas into ingenious prototypes.