Develop and roll out the group’s “Seniors” strategy

1001 Vies Habitat x okoni

Develop and roll out the group’s “Seniors” strategy

The aging of the population will profoundly change tenants’ needs in terms of housing and services so that they can remain healthy and in their own homes. 1001 Vies Habitat wishes to establish a policy to make sure these needs are always taken into account in any renovation, construction of housing, or in the operation of retirement homes.

Okoni is helping the general management and operational teams to define a strategic plan and experiment pilot projects.

Results in 5 months (project in progress)

  • 200 employees, partners, and residents, involved in the experiment
  • One fully immersed “living lab” over 10 days in a retirement home
  • 2 projects prototyped and tested
  • A roadmap developed with the board of directors and managers